[SOLVED] @Patrick... How do you do File Transfer?

Patrick, as I’ve been talking to you in another thread about getting the SSHFS File Transfer method working again after upgrading to Whonix 8, I was wondering…

How do you personally do File Transfer between your Host and your Whonix-Workstation(s), both file transfers in and file transfers out?

I’ve reviewed the list of File Transfer methods here on a number of occasions…

Scripted SSHFS just looked like a better option to me for secure, repeated, on-the-fly, bi-directional access that can be closed when done transferring, without running VM operation interruption.

I’m curious as to how you personally choose to solve bi-directional File Transfer with your Whonix install and why?

Others are welcome to contribute their precise reasoning for File Transfer choices too. Looking to find the best methods and tradeoffs, based on detailed realities.

Last time I used this:

(Which was awful because I had to compress the folder first, otherwise there would be issues with iso files names and dot files.)

Another time I used this:

(But a more clumsy approach.)

Or I converted and mounted the images.

None of these is really nice.

Thank you for your input and assistance, Patrick!

Enjoying Whonix 8 with the SSHFS File Transfer capability.