[solved] GUIs freezing, shutdown vm hangs.

Whonix13/Qubes3.2 updated via jessie-testing/testers repos. Apparmor enabled.

There was an update of some qubes-* packages within the last two days. Since I have had all my Whonix based appvms freezing while using any GUI. Terminal seems to have no issues, but it is the only thing I can run from a Whonix based appvm to avoid freezing. Post freeze, shutdown of frozen appvm hangs and forces one to “Kill VM”.

I believe this is Whonix specific. I’ve switched over some of my appvms to debian-9 templates and have not experienced any freezing.

Please let me know what logs are useful for debugging. Anyone else experiencing this? I really expected to see a post on this already.

I believe this is the package in question (but I’m not positive):

ii  qubes-gui-agent  3.2.15-1+deb8u1  amd64  Makes X11 windows available to qubes dom0

Yes, I think that package might be the problem, but I don’t think it’s Whonix-specific. See here:

No problems here (albeit in Fedora VMs) since downgrading to stable.

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Ok, I guess not Whonix specific. I don’t really use any templates besides Whonix and debian-9 so it was hard for me to determine.

Thanks @adw!

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Fixed for me with the upgrade of qubes-gui-agent to version 3.2.16-1+deb8u1.

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