Socks5Proxy in torrc (sys-whonix) isn't working

Hello Whonixers

I tried to use a socks5 to connect to tor through but tor is never able to connect when I set that direction.

Regardless, I’d like to have the tunnel to the socks proxy as a service other appVM’s in Qubes could use. Do I have to set it in the sys-firewall VM?
I used this command to make an ssh tunnel to the server: sudo ssh -D [port] [ip]
but I was unsuccessful in using that tunnel from VM’s.

Just pointers. No full solution is provided. Without a developer spending time on this, the documentation is unlikely to be ever finished. Therefore I have to unfortunately tell you, it’s unsupported.

Is it possible to direct a proxyVM through the ssh tunnel and to set sys-whonix to use it?