Socks5 Port Numbers

I’ve just looked through the ‘/usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc’ file on Whonix-Gateway which shows a list of socksports used for custom applications. Could I use these for programs such as Chromium? Also when using an application with Socks5 does it matter about the port number or can we just use any port we see fit?

Yes, custom ports are prepared for users. Which one for what, see:

Thanks Patrick, I do, however, have one more question on the ‘Stream Isolation’ page it says the following sentence “If those are not enough, you can add your own” does this mean that if we run out of port numbers we can add our own port numbers or is there a specific range of port numbers we can use? e.g. 9000 - 9300 or any port number/


In 8 years of Whonix nobody reported being run out of ports yet, though. No specific range required. Just that port shouldn’t be already used by something else.