sockport was not reachable

morning found bugs in check. what is the reason ?
i use vb

but internet is working on workstation. and tor works too…

Does the error persist?

yes. i reload my pc and this errors again…

but all work like allways… internet and tor. dafuq is this =(

is this problem have all users?

I cannot reach https://check.torproject.org over either clearnet or Tor atm. I wouldn’t worry.

can you translate for me like simple words please? dont undestard im from russia, you have this problem too?

Good day,

What @Patrick is impling is that, at least at a certain point in the past, accessing the site https://check.torproject.org/ was not possible for him either.

Also, please be a bit more precise and describe your issues more thoroughly, as it is hard to help you with this little information.

Have a nice day,


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Reboot of the server hosting the blog. Thus, [check.torproject.org] was also down for the count. See here:


FWIW you can always check other websites to see if you have Tor nodes detected in your browsing session e.g. browserleaks.com, JonDoNym etc.

List of onions sites for Tor is always available here too:


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