Small forum bug?

This is my workflow of browsing this whonix forum when I come here:

  • I come to the main page, choose a section, start reading topics one by one
  • I do this in guest mode
  • when I see a topic I’d like to post an answer, I login
  • after logging in, the forum shows me a topic page, but it’s another topic

I can only make assumptions why is this happening, but AFAIK most forums either redirect to the main forum page if they fail to get referer data from the user or they display the same topic after login. Perhaps this is some forum setting that was overlooked during setup or a small bug in this version of forum software?

I can’t reproduce this issue in TBB or stock Firefox, “private browsing mode” or normal.

What browser are you using?

Chromium in incognito mode. Tor Browser has been always super slow for me in Whonix workstation.