Skype connection through whonix gateway possible?


I just want to ask if it is possible to run skype on whonix workstation through whonix gateway? I have already tried that out without taking any changes despite of set skype connection to use socks5 proxy with local/9050, i know that might be total b.s but worth a try. Thank you a lot for any help and of course this great software you guys provide for free.

I tested it long time ago and it worked quite well. Maybe Skype started no longer accepting connections from the Tor network. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Apart from this, see also:

Did you took any changes than or worked it out of the box? I asume that adjust the skype intern proxy settings to Socks5 lockalhost/9050 was nonsense?! Sry, I am new to network technics so my stock of knowledge is strong limited.

and yes, I am aware that there are better alternatives in advantage of anonymity but in this case sadly I am depending on skype.

thanks for your answer and the great documentation I have already read carefully :smiley:

Glad you like it.

Worked out of the box.

Not nonsense. Worth trying.

(Apart from this also useful for stream isolation (Stream Isolation)).

ok, thank you very much for your answers than, I appreciate what you guys do and hope that I can give something back in future.
I think that your first answer might be true and it makes me sick to see how far it is gone already, hope you guys keep going this great work.

I have tried to connect through various public socks5 via Proxifier now to circumvent skype Tor blocks but it did not worked, could not get any connection to the socks5 server was the problem, if you have any idea please let me know. Thanks

I guess socksifier/torsocks/proxychains in combination with Skype won’t work.

What you could try is doing:
user → Tor → proxy
But not as you already did. Not using proxy settings or socksifier. Using transparent proxying:

But that’s a bit more difficult to set up.

A post-Tor VPN, as in:
user → Tor → VPN
could work better and would be simpler to set up. See: