Should we contact ura design? (design for your Open Source project)

Hey guys, can we advance the discussions a bit? I think we have some good materials to work with. Let me know if you’d like to work with me, what budget you have and we can move forward in a more faster manner :slight_smile:

There are some good new project name suggestions, but none that blows my mind in a way required to justify the immense work to actually do the change. Some good things like “secureway” were suggested to me, but for good names the issue often is, that these are already taken by other projects/companies.

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Sorry for not weighing into this debate up until now, had to finish my Matura/Austrian A-Levels this week and am still preparing for the acceptance tests to enter university.

Now, let me just utter my opinion regarding the proposed new titles for the project in consecutive order:

Sounds, like @entr0py mentioned a bit generic. I feel like the name for such a project should carry a certain intrigue in it, if you understand what I mean. A bit of depth even. However, I have to admit that I really don’t have much experience when it comes to naming things, so you may take this (like everything I write) with quite a grain of salt.

I feel like, while I personally would enjoy such a title for a security centered project, Whonix wouldn’t be the one. Keyward/Keybond, in my opinion would fit well for a password manager, however Whonix is (at least in my eyes) more versatile than such a title would hint.

I see what you mean, however when it comes to a “secure” OS, having a generic title has the potential to be more detrimental than in other areas, for the simple reason that pretty much every Linux distribution has in some way written security on its flag. Having a name like “SafeOS” would potentially get people to presume that Whonix is just another distribution based on Debian which includes the TBB and is amnestic,

I actually feel like being married to the classic “Word + OS” concept does limit our freedom in creating a new name quite a bit, don’t you think? Having a name like Whonix (without OS in it) mustn’t be negative.

Well, us Austrians beat you to it there: Wertkartentarife - Prepaid Simkarte - Tarife - | Would thus be problematic, both legally and in regards to SEO.

I feel like those three could be quite a good start.

Cares a rather negative note, thanks to Adobes Flash beeing quite an easy way to compromise a system.

The thing is, and this is my personal conclusion when it comes to this whole debate, that, at least from my perspective, non of these titles really is able to solve, what in my eyes, is the most glaring issue of the current name (Whonix), the fact that no one understands what it is about when just getting the title. This is not just, as @Patrick mentioned rooted in the fact that, unless you are really persistent in the way you pronounce it, Whonix does tend to sound quite a bit like Unix, but rather in the fact that nobody understands that Whonix is supposed to mean “no one” (as in no one can track you, etc), a potential reason being that, at least in English, “nix” isn’t that popular of a word, as far as I can tell.

That is why, I fell like the two previous names of Whonix, “TorBOX” and “anonymous operating system” are far better than Whonix, for the simple reason that when bringing it up in conversation, most people will have at least a crude concept on what is meant. Now, the frist name had to be abandoned because people apparently mistook “Tor” and “TorBOX” for eachother, while the second one seemingly made problems SEO wise.

So, what to do here? Well, I’d argue for using an acronym, similar to “Tails” which stands for “the amnesic incognito live system”, allowing for both an interesting, as well as telling name. However, as mentioned before, I don’t have experience or extended knowledge about such things as naming a project, so you may take anything I’ve written up to this point for whatever it’s worth.

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A few things are actionable already. This is something I would like to get help from you, @elioqoshi. If this is for you, please send an offer, contact me at for negotiation of recompensation.

  1. Whonix banner refinement

Can you refine the Whonix banner in so far, that it looks less pixelated in big size?

  1. social network images

Do you know about social network graphic design?

I think the profile photos, the old Whonix box logo are fine or at least good enough?

The facebook cover photo and twitter header image however are not great.

Are you up to date on best sizes (to get nice looking big rather than small preview) and trickery on how to make the profile photo integrate nicely (not overlap) with the profile header photo?

(I had researched a bit about this in past, but it likely is not up to date anymore.)

What to use as image… Unless you have a idea what is idea… What about the Whonix banner… (It explains “Whonix privacy & anonymity os”. So that looks good as a social media header photo.)

  1. Whonix blog banner

Also the Whonix banner looks pixelated in Whonix blog News - Whonix Forum. A version that fits in wordpress is also required.

  1. social media postings default image

A better social media postings default image is required.

The default image I keep using looks a bit off. The problem is, that social networks cut off white spaces at the top and bottom so the Whonix banner text “privacy & security os” looks unaesthetic since there is no white space at the bottom. Perhaps a fine black border could make it work. Also it looks pixelated.

i like the name whonix no one else has that name in their project but if you must change it heres some synonyms to anonymous Screenshot - b4496deeebf7099cd33cecee876b1c75 - Gyazo

and heres the full list ANONYMOUS Synonyms: 28 Synonyms & Antonyms for ANONYMOUS |

How about “Mask OS” or “MaskOS”? The Guy Fawkes mask is a well-known symbol for anonymity.

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Isn’t such a good idea in my opinion, as those things carry quite a negative connotation in the security world.

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@Patrick sounds solid. I reached out to you via email.

As others said, MaskOS has a negative connotation. I still am in favor of Sentinel (OS). I do not think we need to use an acroynm, which limits our choices. I am a German speakers, so I understand why WHONIX, but it seems to be quite popular outside Germany as well, so we need to cater to these users too :slight_smile:

Why we cannot emphasize anonymity? Whonix is specialized in anonymity. If not so, I don’t think I would use Whonix. Maybe I shouldn’t speak of the Guy Fawkes mask, but I don’t think Guy Fawkes mask is a bad symbol.
Guy Fawkes mask - Wikipedia
Firefox use a mask icon for privacy mode also.
I use Tor and Whonix because I need anonymity, this doesn’t mean I am a bad person.
I think somebody should read this:
Who uses Tor?

Sorry for my bad English, I hope there is no misunderstanding.

Firefox uses a mask icon for one of its features, not its main brand. The thing we are trying to do here (I hope so at least) is to make anonymity accessible to a wider range of people who might not be able to understand its importance. People like you will already understand the importance of it, so the main target audience is different from you and me. It’s about perception, as some symbols are so hardwired in our mind, that we percept them in a certain way.

A mask could mean for many people that there is something to hide, while a guard might give people the sense of security and safeness. You need to think about this way more than the things you personally would prefer. We are not designing for ourselves here, but for our users, so we need to have empathy.

Glad to announce, we found an agreement with.

I am very happy with the results of the logo refinement!

Whonix ™ Unified Design - Logos & Guidelines

Test result:

I would appreciate if you were interested to do also the following. @elioqoshi (Stuff that did not occur to me earlier.)

  1. Facebook share image.

This is required for facebook share. I.e. if someone on Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System clicks the facebook share button. Can probably be emulated by clicking the following link:

Some info on required size, may be outdated:
Whonix ™ Unified Design - Logos & Guidelines

Please create an image that works for facebook share and test it looks okay.

  1. Whonix homepage Whonix banner

There is a Whonix banner on Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System and (Below “More Screenshots”). (We could/should use the same probably.) Please provide a refined one in a proper size please.

  1. Qubes homepage Whonix banner please search for the text “With Whonix integrated into Qubes” (or simply scroll down) and you’ll see the following image “Whonix with Tor networking”:

Does it look like it should be refined also? Looks a bit unsharp to my eyes but I may be wrong.

Once that is done, I would like to write a blog post announcing the Whonix logo refinement. I will adjust the wording to your liking. If you like and helpful, also a testimonial can be written.

Hey Patrick,

Already on it.

Regarding Facebook share, I tested it and the one I did should already work

Did you try it?

I will send you an email regarding the other ones. A testimonial would be great! :slight_smile:


That one works indeed.

  • ( Redirecting... - does not work yet due to facebook caching. This is not something that you could do something about. I guess facebook will at some point purge the cache and it will work.)
  • Redirecting... - looks fine!

So 1) was already done indeed.

Do you also do counseling on SEO? Marketing? Social media?
Wordpress adjustments?
Mediawiki adjustments?

Yeah, I have experiences in all of these fields due to having organized FLOSS conferences and maintaining our hackerspace :slight_smile:

I have worked also on Mediawiki pages before, but didn’t go too deep.

  1. Looks very good!



new: dunno yet, created a pull request, will update this post later refine Whonix logo by adrelanos · Pull Request #10 · QubesOS/qubes-attachment · GitHub

Whonix logo has been refined

Whonix website has been changed to a bright design by @Ego so is now ready to be discussed. (@elioqoshi)

New Qubes Website! New Whonix Website? - #68 by Patrick

Do you know why our advanced download table

when viewed using a mobile device (android) does not show the operating system and virtualizer symbols (for qubes, linux, windows, kvm, etc.)?

I haven’t tested this on a real mobile device, but probably because the images have a max-width of 100% and the cell width gets reduced to a minimum (0 px, because only those imaged are in this column) due to space restrictions.
Adding a min-width either to the images, cells or columns should fix this.

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