Should still recommend against maximizing Tor Browser window?


We recommend that here:

Original reason:

Don’t be fooled by that ticket being closed. That’s a pointer but not enough. Since then various lengthy new tickets have resulted from the original ticket and it is hard to know where things stand now. Is anyone into that topic?

As a result this package was created

Since then window maximization has changed various times in Tor Browser.

Wondering if any of this is still useful?

Just Curious why no warning to not "maximize your window" whilst using Whonix Browsers?

Let’s keep it around until stable TBB removes the warning. I know upstream are working on patches to kill this tracking method.


Any update?


While window size rounding seems to be implemented, it works only on some platforms with Windows being problematic:

So the window resolution resizing anti-fingerprinting is much more complicated than we think. They are working on protecting users who enable the bookmark bar, who do page zooming or use it on system with weird tiling window managers: