Should I be using a public internet connection?


I am an absolute beginner here and I could not find an answer here. I indeed checked the forums and FAQs and other websites but somehow, never anything really applied to me.

So my question is:

Can I, should I, may I, use my home internet connection with a device where whonix is installed,
should I rather use public and changing internet connections?

I also intent to only use clearnet websites via TOR. I think that works? I would need to have access to clearnet websites.

(I was once a very smart kid with all things PC but now above 30, I find myself too stupid and too insecure for most normal things…)

Another thing is- please forgive me, but I am really not sure here: for newbies like me, and who want to use the surface web for their activities, is whonix better than TAILS (edit: for the described purpose I mean!)? I lack the programming skills, deeper knowledge about the things talked about here and all I basically want is clearnet activity without certain entities getting a hold of my personal information/information about the connections owners,- certain institutions getting way too touchy with things right now where I live. I am not too lazy to use an internet cafes WiFi or anything, but the places with such available connections are scarce where I live, including my limited capacities for town-to-town travel, and my laptops wifi connection also seems wonky. So it’s either a very limited usage outside, like 2 times per month for a short time, or from my home connection, and given the circumstances, I need to be very careful with such.

I hope this wall of text was not too much. My deepest apologies, but I am really insecure on what to do here.

Would be strange software if it had a hidden requirement to only use in public networks.



This is the Whonix forum. What answer can be expected…

Discussed thousands of times everywhere. Use search engines.

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Well, not to me, because those things, “these days” look more complicated to me than witchcraft rituals, so I expect everything to be possible there!

Oh, I did, I did. My fault there, my wording was not clear.
I was actually meaning “for the purposes of using the clear web like I described”. My apologies, wasn’t a smart move to use misleading wording there.

But I did, yeah, and I always get conflicting messages about such things.

Now I know!

Also, thank you very much, E!

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If you want to be anonymous, use Whonix.

If not warranted, don’t.

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Will take that advise to heart, thank you :heart:

Wait, I forgot something to specify again here:
uploading to the clearnet. How I use the clearnet websites is of no matter there, right? Regardless if I would upload something or not, right?

Some issues here: