Should change bridges because got censored? (whonix kvm)

From my personal experience of whonix +obfs3 bridges (i use that 1,5 year now) i see that after some time,
days to weeks , depence from where i am connect , will become slow the tor , or even can’t connect at all to a site. There is a simple solution to download new obfs3 and restart tor , then that keeps a lot of days.
So when the slow loading of sites or can’t connect at all take place , that means the bridges got
censored ? and so that means must change them because they stop to hide the fact of using tor?

That is a important question i see.

  • I am not sure for something , but must keep in mind , i was use for some days the iceweasel browser inside whonix , with disabled proxy settings , also it was installed the adobe flash player plugin on workstation and enabled on iceweasel , this is very bad i learned later , and i never use it from then, so maybe the obfs3 bridges got censored from that ? i don’t know, I say maybe that it was responsible for slow down the loading of sites , i don’t remember if that happens with tbb to, i am not sure .

If you are able to connect to some website = bridge connectivity =

Bridges are unrelated to websites saying “Tor users not welcome”, “spam
host detected” etc.

Bridges over come censorship at the internet service provider level
only. This is Tor network censorship.

Another form of “censorship” of Tor is when destination websites block
access from the Tor network. That means from Tor exit relays. Changing
bridges in that situation will 100% not work.

thank you for reply.
So on latest whonix version i see the support of obfs4 , tor site gives obfs4 so its better from obfs3?
i thing (not so clearly remebmer) i was read on sources from tor site and blog of it that obfs3 are more resistant to censor from obfs4 , litle paradoxial but use in china obfs3 and not obfs4 , why? is new and need more time for become more funcional? That i read before 5-8 months , maybe today the curent level is changed

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For the time being, use obfs3, as obfs4 hasn’t been fully deployed: How can we help? | Tor Project | Support

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