Sharing files between VMs

As far as I understand the recommended way is

I wonder about sharing (relatively large) files between VMs when one of the VMs isn’t trusted (say a Windows VM or not trusted for any other reason).

The sharing should only be one way - meaning the untrusted VM doesn’t get write access. I am aware it’s possible to set the shared folder as read-only for this VM, but is there anything else or an alternative way this can be done?

A follow up question, is there a way to use shared folders without a folder on the host? having the second VM compromised is one thing, having the host compromised is another. Looks to me as if a shared folder makes an escape from VM easier.

Non-Qubes-Whonix: VMs are in same virtual LAN. Not great but that’s it. [1] Therefore you can have LAN based file sharing.

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