Shared Folder Host-Side implementation

Not that I know, but no need since the dependency could be added to the host package whonix-host-xfce-kvm-freedom which only gets installed on Whonix Host Xfce KVM.

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Should I add it now or when a full configuration is added?

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Dunno. I don’t know what would speak about doing it now.


virt-xml "Whonix-Workstation" --add-device --filesystem source=/mnt/shared,target=shared,type=mount,accessmode=mapped`



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And above, add

mkdir --parents /mnt/shared
chmod 777 /mnt/shared


Then this is fully implemented? No need for ConditionVirtualization=false or any other changes?

OK these two commands need to precede the virt-xml one or else it fails becuase the folder doesn;t exist

No need for service conditions now after this. incron can just go into the host package you mentioned.

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Ok. Could you add too please?

virt-xml “Whonix-Workstation” --add-device --filesystem source=/mnt/shared,target=shared,type=mount,accessmode=mapped` || true

Does it need -c qemu:///system?

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OK Does it need to be in a if-then block?

No this is a dedicated tool that doesn’t use this notation

No, since these commands are idempotent.

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This commit does not show up in git master branch.


I also don’t see a new branch.

It also does not show up in https://github.com/Whonix/whonix-libvirt/blob/master/usr/lib/whonix-libvirt/install

git fetch followed by git show does not show commit 25649bd7f16f8030a5c9d812146b53711c5e330f either.

Really strange.

Did you use “directly commit to git” using github web? I have no idea how to use that or how to make use of such commits (without manual copy/paste which would be besides the point and loose authorship and commit messages).

I’m using the web interface right now and it seems to have messed things upat your end? I was commiting the patch to the master branch

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Never mind I missed https://github.com/Whonix/whonix-libvirt/pull/85 which will work as usual.

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Do you think Whonix GW should have it added as well? Or leaveit on per user basis?

I imagine this could be part of a usability tool on the GW where users want to backup/restore onion keys on demand.

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Yes. Doesn’t hurt.

Is /mnt/shared is too generic as name and GW would have to use a different folder?


It’s probably better for security. What name do you recommend?



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