Shared Folder Host-Side implementation

This topic is to track tasks needed to implement host-side shared folders for KVM.

  1. Incron install and config for auto permission adjustment.
  2. shared folder help package additions

  1. Status: Incron policy for permission command application upon certain file actions testing and working.

  2. Status:WIP

systemd service change to add a directory in the user’s home folder if it detects non-virtual environment. Will need to distinguish between Whonix-Host and Whonix Physical builds on x64 and ARM somehow since that would be irrelevant. @Patrick what if set it to look for a certain “this is Whonix-Host” file that’s only available in a Whonix Host build?

Two parts:
*mkdir /home/$USER/shared
*Adding a shared folder device to Whonix-Workstation using virt-xml. DONE. User name needs to be variable scripted though.

sudo virt-xml Whonix-Workstation --add-device --filesystem source=/home/user/shared,target=shared,type=mount,accessmode=mapped

systemd supports ConditionVirtualization=false, does that help?

On host or in VM?

What about the already established /mnt/shared folder by package?

Not yet, but will be implemented.

It should.

All host side.

Good idea. Are /mnt/ permissions lenient or will they cause problems for files in /shared ?

Are /mnt/ permissions lenient or will they cause problems for files in /shared ?

It’s whatever we make them. Worked well inside VMs. (See

Since the same directory location is readily available on host and guest this part of the package doesn’t need conditionals.

Only the part about pulling/sarting the incron package should be on the host. Is it possible to control whther a dependency gets pulled depending on the environment? Or maybe the incron daemon can be adjusted to only start when it detects it’s not virtualized.

Not that I know, but no need since the dependency could be added to the host package whonix-host-xfce-kvm-freedom which only gets installed on Whonix Host Xfce KVM.

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Should I add it now or when a full configuration is added?

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Dunno. I don’t know what would speak about doing it now.


virt-xml "Whonix-Workstation" --add-device --filesystem source=/mnt/shared,target=shared,type=mount,accessmode=mapped`



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And above, add

mkdir --parents /mnt/shared
chmod 777 /mnt/shared


Then this is fully implemented? No need for ConditionVirtualization=false or any other changes?

OK these two commands need to precede the virt-xml one or else it fails becuase the folder doesn;t exist

No need for service conditions now after this. incron can just go into the host package you mentioned.

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Ok. Could you add too please?

virt-xml “Whonix-Workstation” --add-device --filesystem source=/mnt/shared,target=shared,type=mount,accessmode=mapped` || true

Does it need -c qemu:///system?

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OK Does it need to be in a if-then block?

No this is a dedicated tool that doesn’t use this notation

No, since these commands are idempotent.

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This commit does not show up in git master branch.

Commits · Kicksecure/libvirt-dist · GitHub

I also don’t see a new branch.

It also does not show up in

git fetch followed by git show does not show commit 25649bd7f16f8030a5c9d812146b53711c5e330f either.

Really strange.

Did you use “directly commit to git” using github web? I have no idea how to use that or how to make use of such commits (without manual copy/paste which would be besides the point and loose authorship and commit messages).

I’m using the web interface right now and it seems to have messed things upat your end? I was commiting the patch to the master branch

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Never mind I missed Add shared folder by HulaHoopWhonix · Pull Request #85 · Kicksecure/libvirt-dist · GitHub which will work as usual.

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Do you think Whonix GW should have it added as well? Or leaveit on per user basis?

I imagine this could be part of a usability tool on the GW where users want to backup/restore onion keys on demand.

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