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share linux connection via usb to a rooted android device (reverse tethering)

as the title suggests, it is possible to share the whonix connection via usb to a rooted android device, can you help me?

This is Linux so almost anything is possible. Look at this guide for reverse tethering. I am not responsible for the software they mention.

As for data passing from an Android device via VM USB, this is another separate thing. YMMV depending on the hypervisor.

There’s no security gain from such a complex setup. An easier way is to have a second wifiusb card act as a hotspot on the PC while the primary one is connected to the internet and route your Orbot enabled device thru that.

Is this question similar to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Torified_Wi-Fi_Hotspot?

Do you intent to route the traffic originating from an Android device to be torified through Whonix-Gateway? Then some things from above link apply.


I would like my Android device to take the Internet directly from the WHONIX workstation via USB cable and not via Wi-Fi hotspot

I tried gnirehtet on windows and it works but it uses Google DNS