share folder and clipboard sharing on debian and fedora hosts

share folder works good on latest stable debian host , i dont test clipboard sharing there.
share folder can’t work on fedora 21 host because of selinux even with privileges.
clipboard sharing works on fedora 21 after i was edit the specific file for that and after quit klipper on guests , disable it for autostart install clipit and enable it for autostart, also i try several clipboard managers on host but resolve it with clipman , (xfce on host),
clipit is lightweiht clipboard manager ,

Nothing to test. its disabled for security reasons.

SELinux messes up shared folders in ways the libvirt hypervisors weren’t able to understand. Stick to Debian if it works for you.

thanks for confirmation HulaHoop , i use at the moment fedora 21 host with usb 3 for transfer files , works perfect , but if you can enable shared folder for fedora host that will be a good idea , because kvm is more stable with fedora from debian , and again : if that is posible . * we know that fedora is the second secusest host for whonix.

shared folder kvm whonix 11 works with fedora 21 host. The workaround :
install policycoreutils-gui , run it and set enforcing mode to permissive from enforcing , install users and groups , run it and go: users/your username/properties/groups/check the root and ok, then go: groups/your username/properties/group users/check the root and ok, then if not allready done the directions for sharing folder kvm on whonix documentation, do that , then evry time when boot in whonix guests must mount the folder if you want to use it, if set fstab for automount automaticaly , in guest booting will stop the booting and show a message by apparmor , you can pass that but guest will boot in emergency mode? i dont know if that is security risk so better don’t edit fstab for automount the shared folder , except if you know that is not a security risk.
If thing that disable selinux is security risk , that is a way for sharing folder, if use usb for transfer files from guest that is again discuraged by whonix maintainers for security reasons, i dont know if take place for security ’ that the usb drive\flash will luks encrypted

clipit cause freezings to virt-manager to , like other clipboard managers, at the end solved with parcellite clipboard manager on guests and host , any other clipboard managers must kill and disable for autostart , also host display manager is responsible for virt-manager freezings , that solved with lxdm ,

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