SHA512 hash for Whonix Workstation image does not match up?

I tried to verify the version 14 Workstation image but the SHA512 hash does not match up, and the file seems corrupt when I tested to just mount the image in VirtualBox.
Does anybody else have this problem?
I downloaded it both from web and .onion link.

To verify the hash and disregard on mismatch is a security malpractice.

Try redownload? Does gpg verification work?


I do have an issue with current hashes as well:

mine: 6218adc9975a7b5098c33b1cc4e459c3528e2245d6490fc936f35e7d6f3421fff250bcabe8bee36d495480d656b967aa02c7a1c37840b51efd31ea4cbb8fe465 Whonix-Workstation-XFCE-

7ed0db9b315e2ed8fbcab87ca11a14d81a2caa0e5c1f2a072d34029d1466d79f956ef10c60d2ac37303112b74703bf0e672c19c40186d47196172a6d5b24561f Whonix-Gateway-XFCE-

downloade twice here:

Signatures are proofed as correct

That is what I get for Workstation. Didn’t check Gateway.

Thank you -so somebody should be contacted to update the file - do you know who that is?

Hi polit

Please be patient. Whonix developers will respond as soon as they can.

Thank you - don’t worry - its Sunday and year end - I am patient :wink:

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These files belong to the defective images I had replaced for this build. I thought rsync will overwrite them but it seems we need to purge them from the server so the new ones can be uploaded.

I might not be able to do this soon as we are in holiday season. Sorry for the inconvenience.

cc/ @Patrick

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Summary: the script that prepares the release is broken for some reason I’m yet to find out why. When I manually sign the image it does not produce hashes anymore, so what you got were the old hashes. They were never replaced since the manual step doesn’t regenerate checksums. I will need to find out how to do this step too and fix this.

Fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue.