setup nfs or samba hidden service

I have a hidden service on a remote machine providing sshfs but it is too slow, that’s why I want to make a hidden service to share a filesystem using nfs or samba, but since nfs and samba use tcp and udp ports, and tor only manages tcp ports, I don’t figure out how can I do it. Any idea on how can I implement a faster and secure remote filesystem hidden service?



I do not think we have any reason to believe the slowness comes from sshfs?

Thanks, In untorified connections, sshfs slower than nfs an than cifs. Also since the packages on a torified connection are already encrypted I don’t need the encryption that sshfs makes. I am viewing the posibility to make it with i2p but until now I don’t have a anonymous fast solution for a remote filesystem mountpoint.

I have no solution, just ideas.

I am wondering you are solving the wrong problem. How much is sshfs slower… I wonder if over onion it still matters or is negligible. There are some search results about sshfs slowness, but also advice for workarounds. You could disable encryption if possible or use weak but fast encryption settings as alternative.

An alternative would be to tunnel UDP over Tor. See:

But this will also cost speed. Dunno if negligible. On top of that you could run a solution that uses UDP.

You can use e.g. Syncthing to transfer files normally and use Tor hidden service to configure Syncthing remotely. It will be much faster than any file transfer over Tor and it’ll work over Internet without port forwarding. Moreover this solution is crossplatform.