Setup a VPN in ProxyVM over sys-whonix

I would this configuration
sys-whonix–>proxyVM–>appVM (not anon-whonix)
I created a VPN configuration in network manager but when I try to connect the VPN fail, while if I connect the same VPN to a normal proxy machine, works. Do I change anything in sys-whonix? Or is a problem of my VPN?

Thank you

Please use the same way to describe the terminology / connection scheme that you want to accomplish as under the following wiki page.

Otherwise due to the great complexity of the topic it is very easy to talk past one another.

It it this ticket?

For now, undocumented, unsupported. ( Undocumented, Untested or Unsupported Features )

I have a look if I can get that documented, don’t hold your breath for it.

The only difference is that I don’t want a workstation like appVM but I setup a fedora template appVM


This is now documented here:
Connecting to Tor before a VPN

Recommended order of reading:

Thank you Patrick!
Some VPN connect while others no

Using VPN in TCP mode?

Yes, TCP works, UDP no

This is expected. I added this fact and the reasoning for that to
documentation after your report.

Hi Patrick: Interestingly, openvpn would only report “TCP connection reset” when I used the native port 1194. Switching to port 443 works, though. VPN providers may only support TCP on an alternate port number.

Chapter Connecting to Tor before a VPN was recently refined by @0brand. :slight_smile:

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