Setting up a VPN in Whonix Gateway.

Hi guys,

I’m using NordVPN, and trying to set it up in Whonix Gateway using openvpn. I’ve been following https://www.whonix.org/w/index.php?title=Tunnels/Connecting_to_a_VPN_before_Tor&section=7#Inside_Whonix-Gateway

I followed this for the firewall setup, then at the “VPN setup” subsection of “Inside_whonix-gateway” I downloaded the .ovpn files and followed this guide: https://nordvpn.com/nl/tutorials/linux/openvpn/

Anyway, I tried connecting and I was prompted to enter my NordVPN username and password.
However, after entering them, I get “No route to host errors” every 5 seconds. Any ideas? Maybe its because I used the .ovpn file instead of following the tutorial. I did this because the NordVPN is more complex than the RiseUp one shown in the example in the documentation I was looking at and I didn’t know what to add and what to leave out of the .config file.

Thanks in advance, if I fix this I’ll add this to the documentation as NordVPN is quite popular and therefore it would make a good addition to that page.

Good day,

Did you consider this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/VPN-Firewall

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This still relies on having a VPN connection in the gateway though…? I think you may have misunderstood when I said the error messages comes up every 5 seconds. I meant that it doesn’t connect at all and repeats every 5 seconds because it is retrying connection, it never manages to connect because there is an error in my setup; this is what I am trying to diagnose. Maybe its because I’m using a .ovpn file. At the moment I am trying to get the VPN working - thats what I need help with.

Tell me what you need me to send and I’ll post it here (config files, etc).
Thanks for your reply though - been pulling my hair out with this for hours.

VPN-Firewall does not work inside Whonix. Same functionality is provided through TUNNEL_FIREWALL as per Whonix documentation.

I’d really appreciate some help with this one! Thanks for your reply though.

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