Setting up a physical Whonix gateway

Is the above link up-to-date? I’m looking to build one on my spare PC and use it for occasional anonymous surfing.

My main question is how to setup a wireless access point to that Whonix gateway using an USB WiFi adapter. All constructive comments welcome.

Yes, it’s up to date.

Somewhat also https://www.whonix.org/wiki/About#Based_on_Debian applies. (I mean, if you get your card to work with plain Debian, chances are very good it will work with Whonix as well.)

Some build errors came up, skipped them just to try it out. Problem is, Tor wouldn’t start complaining about lack of network cards.

For now, I’ve given up. Spent too many fruitless hours on this and other gateway/server projects on the same machine.

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