Setting a bridge in sys-whonix (QUBES)

I have had a search and can’t find anything that addresses the problem I’m having. I thank anybody who reads and can offer me a way forward.

I’m trying to configure a bridge in whonix via sys-whonix. I have been following guides that I’ve found but I can’t get it to work.

I’m using the Anon Connection wizard > configure then I’ve tried using both “select a built in bridge” (obfs4) and “provide a bridge I know” (having got some bridges from Tor project). Then I’ve been using “Use a proxy before connecting to the Tor network”. From here I’ve used all of the drop down options (HTTP/HTTPS, socks4 and socks5).

For address I’ve been using and many different ports.

I can’t get either of these options to work. It gets stuck at the next bootstrapping phase at 2%.

So that method doesn’t work.

If I do not tick “Use proxy before connecting to the Tor Network” things seem to connect ok. It connects to the Tor network. This method also works if I input one of the bridges I got from the Tor Project.

I am hoping someone can tell me:
1. Is this method (ie not using a proxy") as secure as if I was using a proxy?
2. Does anybody know why my attempts at using a proxy don’t work?
3. As I am doing this in sys-whonix does it persist or do I need to do it each time I start qubes

As an extra…how can I actually check if the bridge is working? I have been using
# journalctl -e -u tor@default

that someone elswhere suggests but I’m not getting the results in the readout that they say I should Pardon my newness here. I have been using qubes for a fair while as my daily driver I am just now looking to use it as my darknet vehicle so setting up bridges like this is new to me. I am looking to use the bridge option in lieu of a vpn. My next thing is to set up a vm with a vpn to allow me to use Tor-browser with a bridge in one qubes and then clearnet browsing in another qube with vpn. At least that’s what I have in mind.

I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for any help here!

Answered here:

More detailed on proxies:

proxy on (=localhost) makes only sense in very limited cases such as when you configured a local software that opened a local listening port.

Persistence is a non-issue if you follow Whonix documentation.

Thanks for taking the time to post those links. I’ll check them out.

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