Set up VPN server on Whonix-gateway

I have win 7 VM and i want to connec to whonix gateway WM with VPN. So no traffic sends before win 7 workstation is connected to Whonix gateway via VPN. Is this possible? Thank you.

Yes, possible. However, documentation is not complete.

Should also read:

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I want to build that kind of scheme workstation->VPN->whonix gateway->tor->VPN. To get the last part working i just need to launch vpn client on whonix and thats it?

Hi squarebob

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Are you asking how to:

User -> Vpn -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet

BTW You’ re setting up VPN clients not servers.

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I am setting UP Vpn server on whonix gateway so I connect to gateway itself from workstation (win7) through VPN. And on Whonix gateway I’am setting up vpn client to connect to VPN server. I think that makes things clearer.

For VPN in Whonix-Gateway

User -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet

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