Separate Monero wallet for each identity with Whonix

I need to create multiple Monero wallets but I don’t want them to be tied to each other because each wallet is for a separate identity.

Since downloading the Monero blockhain and importing it takes very long, I would like to know whether it’s “safe” to download the monero-cli and the raw blockchain inside a clean Whonix-workstation and then import the blockchain in Monero. After that I clone the Workstation into multiple Workstations. From there in each Workstation I will run the Monero daemon and create a wallet.

What risks does this scenario have if I don’t want the wallets to be tied to each other? When I download monero-cli and the raw blockchain, does this create an uniqueness inside the Workstation or not? If not, will importing it create an uniqueness?

Or is it in any way much safer to download, import and sync the blockchain again for each identity?

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Assuming you are using VirtualBox, a more efficient way would be to first create a snapshot of the workstation where you imported the blockchain and for each identity create separate snapshots under this snapshot you created.

Or maybe don’t create additional snapshots and just restore the first snapshot after each usage.

Then create new snapshots regularly to keep the blockchain updated.