Self-Hosting git, CI

Okay, so then where are we going to host it?
A cloud VPS.

Okay so then what packages are we going to install?
Well lets go ahead and get all that set up with apt

Okay how are we going to handle DNS?
Build a reverse proxy with nginx on the VPS, but also we need to redirect from the server’s nginx with a proxy pass…so there’s some more config

Okay how are we going to handle TLS?
Certbot with nginx

Okay, what are we going to do for backups?
We can setup backups in the cloud provider GUI

Okay how much is it going to cost a month?
Well that depends, but probably around 10 bucks a month

Okay how are we going to ensure this is reproducible?
Well we should probably use a config mgmt tool like ansible to build this, at the very least write a bunch of shell scripts

Okay who is going to upgrade it when changes occur?
Well someone must handle that

Okay who is going to audit the security of the server?
Well probably Patrick realistically

Okay so what CI are we going to use to replace github actions?
I guess we could set up a jenkins instance…or maybe woodpecker/drone…god dammit this is getting annoying

Okay so why the fuck did we not just use github?
good question…really good question…there goes my entire month of real contributions to whonix outside of my day job

Anyways, staying on topic. Lets focus on removing tools that cost us time and resources, not adding new tools that cost us time…unless they really will improve our lives


Self-Hosting vs Third Party Hosting

True, I think Whonix project is busy with much as is, self hosting and managing servers ourselves would just take even more of our valuable time

I recommend Codeberg over Github though. Here are my reasons why:

  1. Codeberg is FOSS
  2. Codeberg respects user privacy and works well with Tor browser
  3. Codeberg has an easy to use interface compared to cluttered Github filled with many features we probably won’t ever use
  4. FOSS, respects privacy, made by a non-profit, and has enough funds gathered through donations to still be a thing well over an entire decade! Frequently Asked Questions | Codeberg Documentation
  5. well… I can’t even register new account for github so I can’t contribute some stuff @patrick asked me to :frowning: I hate microsoft.

Good you mention this because use of / won’t be mandatory to contribute exactly due to issues these services sometimes banning Tor users. Any git branch hosted at any (reasonable) repository host can be considered for review.

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