Security-Privacy-Centric Solution For Anonymous DASH (Masternode) Local Wallet Based On Debian GNU/Linux, VirtualBox, Whonix GNU/Linux Including Tor And Tails

Kinda long, so I haven’t managed to fully read it myself yet.

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“Security-Privacy-Centric Solution For Anonymous DASH” and still they hide behind Cloudflare, that the Tor People get Tracked by this CDN … yet another “nice” OPSEC fail

I do not like this Scam Coin with it’s constant bashing of other Altcoins and it’s Supernode Joke System

I don’t think there is awareness on how CDNs such as cloudflare are undermining the little decentralization that the internet has, how difficult Tor browsing is, let alone how cloudflare messed up Tor browsing. Also very bad, most if not all (at least the majority) (at time of writing) of bitcoin exchanges are behind cloudflare CDN.

But call dash a scam coin? I like their innovative self-funding mechanism. And if they hold up to their ambitious roadmap to improve usability with dash evolution, I think they may help providing an alternative to the fiat money system.

However, I don’t think anonymity is high on the priority list of the dash project. That more seems a “leftover” from times where it was called darkcoin. Something worthwhile to keep for low anonymity, to implement fungibility (i.e. making coins indistinguishable “I don’t want any coins from X, sent me other coins”).

I think those who use these CDN’s don’t care about the Privacy of their Users , many Btc exchanges require a ton of personal Information befor you can buy Bitcoin ,they are not a good example, because they’re required by Law to collect those Infos, but for a “Security-Privacy-Centric Solution For Anonymous” Coin I expect more than that…

Just the Tip of the Dash Iceberg:

Don’t get me wrong, I support many Altcoin/Bitcoin Projects, but a big part of the Altcoins around, only exist to make their Devs rich and Dump them ASA the Price or the Interrest is falling.

I was hoping for Zcash to be a stable and anonymous Altcoin , but then even their Devs screwed up the OPSEC…

This has not been written by any DASH developers. In this thread I have just shared a paper which was released by an anonymous user of DASH.

What did they do wrong wrt OPSEC?

There are a lot of such scam accusations for lots of coins. I rarely see them backed up by links to source code or block explorer which would proof that.

The cycle by which people are apparently making money:

  • set a buy order below market prices
  • slander the coin, spread FUD, wait until the price drops and order is filled
  • set sell order well above original market price
  • hype it for being the best coin of the world until sell order gets filled
  • profit
  • repeat

That explains a lot of the noise. So without using hours and hours to actually verify it’s happened that way, I don’t know if that’s really true.

Doesn’t look so bad to me either.

At this stage may be concentrating on usability and promotion rather than security, anonymity, protocol and cryptography. It’s a clever strategy. Perhaps the value of the coin will significantly increase, so they can hire more developers, to fix these things. The fatalist position for Evan rather than starting DASH would have been “oh shit, I can’t create a bulletproof coin and can’t hire anyone else either, so I give up before I get started and do nothing instead”.

I am glad there is diversity. Bitcoin being ultra conservative, DASH focusing on usability and loads of others. No one can say at this point which coin does have the best strategy to disrupt the fiat money system.

About Zcash
“I can testify that nothing strange happened. Until it did.”

“The fatalist position for Evan rather than starting DASH would have been “oh shit, I can’t create a bulletproof coin and can’t hire anyone else either, so I give up before I get started and do nothing instead””
It isn’t about Bulletproof, but ok.
There are a lot of those Privacy Coins around for a while and Dash is in no way special.
About the FUD, its true that a lot of People profit from it, but even more Altcoin Devs profit from their “Work”/Forks …

Let’s see what the Markets decides

If I had to pick a coin with one of the currently highest price per coin [1] as well as best perceived marketing, I’d say DASH.

[1] Not that it says much to the homo economicus since it depends on how many coins are in existence and will be existing, but the people are looking at this and interpret it as a measure of quality.

Sure. I am glad there is diversity.