Secure meta (tags) information about website

@mig5 can you hide these Metas?

:one: is showing what was my last/previous page i have visited, even though i returned to the main forum. (its like tracking - maybe for used for “Go back one Page” browser bottom?)

:two: thats kinda bad because it will show discourse version and a cracker might break that according to the available security flaw that might this version have. (and we didnt upgrade instantly)

another Question: why these images not torrified since their source from whonix?

No such discourse setting, Discouse is not a pro privacy project.

Irrelevant nowadays. Metasploit just tries one exploit after another.

Web applications like discourse/mediawiki are not made for multi domain.

Please no more reports for onions fetching clearnet resources.

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Forcing_.onion_on_Whonix.org is the best/only we can realistically do.

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