SecBrowser Welcome Page

Made a little progress on the SecBrowser landing page. For now focusing on formatting. Using for inspiration. Since this is a browser landing page the content should be cut down to only the important stuff. Just the main points with a link to more detailed info. What can be removed?

To spice things up a bit a clickable button can be added for the Donate link and more visually appealing fonts/color scheme. For the title I’ll try and create an icon if Gimp starts cooperating with me. :slight_smile:

Looks like the prefs that are needed for setting the SecBrowser security slider are in prefs.js which can’t be edited so we should move forward with the bug report / feature requests.


Looks awesome!

Does anyone like the two-toned SecBrowser.png. If so I can work on adding the trade mark. Still have to work out placement issues.

Or Maybe something a little simpler would be better. Feedback?


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I like the logo on the bottom better.
Other remarks, regarding the text:

  • Probably no need to include the foot note link there ("[1]")
  • I would remove the words “This means”, I find them a bit confusing (being a derivative of Tor Browser doesn’t mean that it does not route the traffic that way).

SecBrowser is a derivative of Tor Browser Bundle that does not route traffic over the Tor network.


SecBrowser does not route traffic over the Tor network.
(the reference to Tor Browser Bundle may create a confusion, that later needs to be cleared)

“malware” instead of “virus” in the main paragraph.

I would try to reduce the amount of text in the main paragraph, it looks too similar to a wiki page. Users who see that already downloaded and installed the browser. They need more actionable info rather then background on the landing page.


All of the small text in the body the will be removed. I think most users will already know the basics on SecBrowser so this is not necessary. If not they can follow the links up top.

I like this one.

SecBrowser is a derivative of Tor Browser Bundle that does not route traffic over the Tor network.

How about:

SecBrowser is a derivative of the battle-tested Tor Browser that does not route traffic over the Tor network.

Anything else that is important can be added to a very small side note.


I think @sheep’s more concise remark is better to avoid confusing new users.


I like this dark background with light text, color scheme. The donate button might be a little to obnoxious. This site has some nice color swatches if anyone has a color scheme request. I’m making a pull request tomorrow so get your requests in soon!

BTW, I was researching landing page formating and the links (Support, Forum, News, …) should be at the bottom of the page. :wink:

Please be specific for your Color Scheme requests:

Donate button:
SecBrowser title:
A Security Hardened Non-:
Center Page paragraph text:
Bottom page links:
Bottom page “foot notes”:
Page background:

Multiple color scheme request are OK. I’ll post as many as you can think of.


Made a few changes to the Welcome page. I like the idea of SecBrowser, SecOS (Hardened Debian based OS).


Looks excellent! A ton better than the no-nothing version I came up with.

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Updated the SecBrowser Welcome page.

  • Freedom Software (top right.) no link yet since only Whonix is mentioned on Freedom Software wiki. Will update when Kicksecure docs are written.
  • Kicksecure replaced SecOS (“yellow” link bottom right)
  • Kicksecure: A Security-hardened Non-anonymous Linux Distribution (very bottom)

If everything looks ok I’ll make the PR.


Looks perfect!

Nice. Suggested nits:

“security focused” -> “security-focused”

“that increase attack surface” -> “that increased the attack surface”

“reducing users linkability” -> “reducing a user’s linkability” OR “reducing users’ linkability”

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Go-go-gadget git commit -m "torjunkies' Nits"

One alteration: “that increase attack surface” → that increase browser attack surface"