sdwdate vs. htpdate (TAILS), plus beyond paypal blockade and coinblock

I have tested both sdwdate (Whonix) and htpdate (TAILS) in the wild when network obstacles are present. It turns out, when sdwdate fails htpdate succeeds. I am wondering why this is so technically. What is the significant difference between the time synchronization methods?
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Ignore the following vignette if uninterested in the socio-political network layer or further contextualization. I was attempting to donate to Whonix through paypal when a blockade arose much like the Assange embargo and blockade. Then, when trying BTC, sdwdate was not syncing so tor could not connect. This is all tor in various implementations getting blocked. Now I have doubts about the integrity of anonymous BTC transfers. It appears that I am “special” just to not be anyone. There is no point in an honest multi-millionaire spending the money anymore in America. I spend all this money and get no love or return on investment. Might as well just sit on all the money and it would be all the same to everyone if I spent my life at soup kitchens! They have destroyed all the value of money. I did not get rich by spending recklessly; thriftyness is next to godliness. So when I put out the money, I want to spend it on projects that actually do something instead of good for nothings that don’t know the value of money. They are just completely ordinary banalities of evil that are provided sex slaves because they have a position in a hierarchy that pays them to cause the destruction of value not contribute to it for the betterment of all. If they weren’t empowered by self-chattelizement (aggrandizement by their slaves), no one would think they are worth anything or that they were special. Then humanity could truly make progress.

Whonix is a worthwhile project. But something needs to be done about sdwdate. I want a computer with strong software worthy of all the value that could get inside it. TAILS can persist, but the uniqueness of that system is amnesia. If the enemy finds a way to block all the time synchronizing methods, all is lost. Randomizing atom clocks in a sovereign territory to connect to tor requires a trill, not just a bill.

This issue very most likely won’t be resolved by more posts in the Whonix forums.

If you’re rich, consider paying someone who can help with complex computer issues.
(Not me, as it’s not a question of money. I don’t simply don’t have the solution.)

sdwdate and Whonix everything is Open Source. Let them analyze the issue, Whonix, it’s source code and submit fixes for the source code (patches) if possible. Happy to look at it if something comes up.

Detailed instructions on how check and set the host clock have been written just now for Linux based operating systems:

Network Time Synchronization - Whonix chapter Host Clock in Whonix wiki

See how a similar clock issue happens. No advanced adversary required. Just imperfect programming.