Script for automatic installation of Whonix KVM

I used to use Whonix VirtualBox and its installation was simple, fast and intuitive.
I spent a whole day yesterday trying to install Whonix KVM on Debian.
But it was not a installing but a continuous torment! :disappointed_relieved:

The instruction is huge - hundreds of lines! Moreover, with many reservations and nuances, many of which are incomprehensible and not mandatory.
You need to read a lot, think, and not always everything from this instruction is clear to the average trained user.
In the end, because of the complicated instructions, I did not succeed, and I gave up this painful task.

These difficulties hinder the popularity of Whonix KVM, because of this, many users are forced to use an insecure VirtualBox.

But the computer was invented in order to automate and simplify the work of a person, isn’t it?

Why don’t developers create a interactive user friendly installation Bash script that would greatly simplify and speed up the installation of Whonix KVM?

There are a many of examples of such a friendly attitude of developers to users.

Wrong place to request such a feature, if you want more friendly kvm interface ask them.

For the instructions its easy to follow if you read carefully. (Not all KVM wiki about instructions, so if you follow just the installation instructions very simple one)

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me because of too complicated instruction, in which it is not entirely clear what needs to be done and what to skip.

We are talking about this Guide

Why is it so big? There is a lot of excess, because present here instructions not only for installing KVM, but also Whonix as well.

Why not, in addition to this huge instruction, do make a short instruction instead, in which only the most necessary fragments are present.
Under the title “Quick Start Guide

Needed to be big, this is called wiki

Done one before but not updated now:

Are you talking about this guide in pictures ?


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Delicious!!! :upside_down_face:
This is what most users need! :+1:
Is it still relevant, can I use it?

Because there is no contributor maintaining such functionality.

See also:

Note: I don’t maintain Whonix KVM. Only Whonix VirtualBox and Qubes-Whonix.

Not insecure.

Yes, I read it where there are important caveats about using VirtualBox.

So now I want to give up VirtualBox and learn how to use KVM.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be a difficult task :sleepy:

At the moment no, i will upgrade to latest KVM image asap.

Friends, let me try to create a script for the simple and convenient installation of Whonix KVM on Debian.
It will be useful to many users who find it difficult to delve into the intricacies of a huge wiki.
To create it, I need to find out from you which points of your Wiki- Instruction need to be executed which ones to skip.

I don’t think there are any unimportant commands or commands to skip. If there are such as for troubleshooting then this should be obvious from the context of the documentation.

Automation is a big task. To create a script (=automation), to allow others to use automation, the one creating the automation needs to understand the thing which is being attempted to automate better than average. Actually needs to be able to switch from automation/manual to be able to long-term maintain such a script such as in future should manual instructions change, the script needs to be changed as well. This task if almost as big as being Whonix KVM maintainer.

If you are serious about contributing source code, please get acquainted with Whonix development first. Kindly provide some easier contributions first. Let your pull requests speak for yourself.

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