scrambeld images after upload

The issue that I am having now is specific to photo uploads – they’re appearing “scrambled” after upload to some sites. Though, admittedly, I just did this here, and it looked OK, so I have taken a screenshot, attached
here, to illustrate the scrambling effect to which I refer.

I don’t think AppArmor can cause that kind of issue. Check AppArmor logs.

You’re right, not traceable to apparmor-info, hrm. This issue seemed to arise at the same time that these apparmor ones did. Maybe a Tor Browser update around that time… I don’t know. :\

I would expect either an issue with the image (the application that created the image), the web app not supporting the file format, the web servers thumbnailer broken, another issue with the web app or Tor Browser. In any case, the issue would likely be reproducible without Whonix being involved. Hence, Whonix is unlikely the cause of this issue.