Saving files from the workstation to an external drive

Hello, I wasn’t sure which forum to post this in.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: I want to be able to save/download files directly from the workstation to an external drive plugged into my host. Ideally I’d like to be able to download directly from the Tor browser to the external drive. Someone mentioned to me about using shared folders, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Any suggestion? Is this even possible?

This before you start D virtual driver. Go into the settings and you will see 14 USB . During this you will wanna have your USB stick plugged and that way you canConnected with the virtual drive. Leave it in start as normal

I assume we’re talking VirtualBox and not KVM here.

With Workstation VM powered off:

VirtualBox > Settings > Shared Folders > Plus sign

Set to Auto-mount, but NOT Read-only.

Power on.

Look for /mnt/shared.

Thanks. I’ll give this a try. I usually run Whonix in Live mode with swap off. I’m assuming I can’t save to the drive in live mode? I do usually have it set to read only, but I can turn that off.

Disregard i got it to work. Thanks! Does using the shared folder impose any security issues?

See Security Risks of VirtualBox Shared Folders

Wrong assumption. More description here: