Satellite internet (contract on another person's name)?

Lately I have been thinking about something.

Let’s say you live in for example a wooden cabin in the middle of a rural area. You have satellite internet and the contract of that is on another’s name (a person you have never met and who doesn’t know anything about you). Through that internet connection you only access the open web through Whonix workstation and gateway (TOR). How anonymous is this in general?

Thanks in advance for any replies and help! All tips are very welcome and highly appreciated!

That’s a similar setup to accessing it from public wifi. You will still broadcast a MAC address that the provider can see.

Satellite internet will reveal your physical location. How long you stay there and whether goons will be sent your way is unpredicatable (if Tor is broken). I don’t know much about it or if you can switch it off successfully as you move around.

Assuming you manage to move out of there in time, someone innocent will take the heat which is kinda an assholish thing to do. It’s more ethical to use public wifi for this.

@HulaHoop is there any possibility to reach you in private or on a chat client please? If not, of course I will understand and respect!

Post your email here temporarily, then I’ll delete your post as soon as I see it and I’ll contact you.

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