Samba Share With VirtualBox Portable

I have Whonix setup on a USB flash drive using VirtualBox Portable. I’m trying to view a shared folder that is located on the host machine (Windows 7), but I keep getting the following error…
“Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall.”

Is this because I’m running Whonix over the USB flash drive or is this functionality disabled within Whonix by design?

Any assistance you may provide will be greatly appreciated.


I don’t know anything about this software - or how it differs in functionality from a standard install.

First, I have to ask… Given that the share is located on your host, do you have a particular reason why you need to use Samba as opposed to using Virtualbox Shared Folders? Shared Folders are much easier to use, and probably more secure (?).

Whonix-Workstation is connected to a virtual internal network that it shares only with Whonix-Gateway. Your host is not available on that network [s]so you would need to add a host-only network adapter to the Workstation VM. Chapter 6. Virtual Networking. Beyond the scope of this forum since it’s really a Debian / Windows / Virtualbox issue. Try also:[/s]

Whonix does not have any code to even notice this so it should not matter in as far Whonix is involved.

Whonix does not limit anything that happens on the host. In essence, Whonix just ships VM images. That what is happen inside the VM images. And the VM images settings.

host only adapter:

Security Guide - Whonix

Shared folder use is a lot simpler:

VirtualBox Guest Additions and Shared Folders

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Thanks for the help. I had already tried the VirtualBox shared folders option, but was looking in the wrong directory. I thought it would be a network share, but the VirtualBox shared folders are mounted under the media directory. /root/media

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Should be where you configured it in VirtualBox settings.

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