Safely using PGP?

Greetingz whonix users,

If I want to keep the private key on my host os, so what would be a good way to get the encrypted messages on the Whonix workstation? Quest addons to the whonix workstations isn’t a option cause of security reasons.

Cloud providers are generally not trusted. Not that I don’t trust them to not mess with my key/message, but their security can be compromised.

So, how can I safely get a encrypted message to the Whonix workstation? Or is there a better option?

Note, we revised previous statements about guest additions security. So copy and paste.

Other methods if you insist on no guest additions:

Perhaps check out Qubes split gpg approach.

Otherwise, I don’t know.

I wasn’t aware of that. I will then use guest addons.

Thanks for answering my question, You are doing a great job with Whonix.

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