Safe to Autoremove BusyBox? Issues with Live Mode

After installing the latest Whonix KVM release and updating, apt reported that the busybox package can be autoremoved. Is it safe to do so? If not, I already removed with sudo apt autoremove, should I simply reinstall without having to configure anything?

Now, live mode has an issue where the top-right corner says I booted in live but changes can still be made to the disk. It shows this even when I set the guest disk to read-only through virt-manager GUI althoigh it has worked normally in previous releases. Possibly linked to removal of BusyBox? Is the filesystem still in read-only but just not being reported by the Whonix OS? I currently have the same issue on Kicksecure.


(Generally, in doubt (not in this case): make a backup beforehand (snapshot or clone).)


Known issue:

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