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/rw/config versus /usr/local/etc

I know it is kind of another issue, but as I am doing the changes

      for i in \
         /etc/${tb_settings_folder}/*.conf \
         /rw/config/${tb_settings_folder}/*.conf \
         /usr/local/etc/${tb_settings_folder}/*.conf \
         ; do
            bash -n "$i"
            source "$i"

what is the reasoning of parsing the /rw before the /usr/local/etc ?

If there is none, can I change that to:

I don’t see a reason for /rw/config being included in the middle and for me it is much more clear if it is the last option to be parsed as it is not between the standard directories.

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/rw/ is legacy from my perspective as maintainer of Qubes-Whonix. It’s Qubes specific only and not a good idea.

/usr/local/etc/ would seem more more FHS compatible and unspecific to Qubes.

Therefore /rw is undocumented, discouraged.

/rw is only there for users who used it in past.

/usr/local/etc/ should take higher precedence.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s time to remove all uses of /rw (because they now have /usr/local) replacements and/or if to warn if someone is still using it but the number of such users still requiring /rw in Qubes-Whonix might be very low to zero so not sure that’s worth the effort. Then I wonder if it would be good to do that for the next major release.

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Ok, agree with the change.
I found the /rw/config there weird and yes, chaging to last isn’t the best, the best is deprecating it.

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Made a note here to deprecate /rw/config for the next major upgrade Dev/Redistribution - Whonix hopefully won’t be forgotten.