Running Whonix within Whonix

What if the following were done:

  1. In the host (“host” meaning Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), download Whonix the way one would normally, inserting the Whonix Gateway and Workstation machines into a platform such as VirtualBox.
  2. Once the Workstation is setup, dowload a platform such as VirtualBox within that Workstation – then download Whonix on a Tor Browser WITHIN that Whonix Workstation, and install Whonix within VirtualBox within the 1st Workstation (and do the same for the Gateway).

If this were done, it would be a Gateway and a Workstation running within a Workstation running within the host:

[[[[Workstation] & [Gateway]] >>> Workstation] >>> [Host]]
[[Gateway] >>> [Host]]

The main Gateway would also be running on the host as is done normally.

The question is, is this feasible, is it too complicated, is it unnecessary, and would it consume too much RAM?

It’s called Nested Virtualization.
Nested Virtualization - Kicksecure

Not very complicated, but performance will suffer.

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