Running Whonix on top of Qubes - testers wanted!


This is a repost of what WhonixQubes (;u=269 ) posted on various mailing lists (,392.msg3667.html#msg3667 ).

With the help of several kind people in the Whonix & Qubes communities, I

have successfully integrated the Qubes + Whonix operating systems


For those who would prefer Whonix as an alternative to TorVM in Qubes,

this option is now available to you.

This initial Qubes + Whonix configuration is achived using current versions:

- Qubes R2rc2 & Whonix 8.2

Qubes + Whonix currently exists as a customized dual HVM configuration:

- Whonix-Gateway HVM + Whonix-Workstation HVM

A simple networking setup for Qubes + Whonix would look like:

- NetVM <- FirewallVM <- Whonix-Gateway <- Whonix-Workstation

Where, for example, the Whonix-Gateway conceptually replaces TorVM as your

Tor ProxyVM, and Whonix-Workstation conceptually replaces your standard

AppVMs (AnonVMs).

You can get the Qubes + Whonix step-by-step instructions and more info here:

All suggestions and feedback are welcome!

I look forward to helping make Qubes + Whonix integration even tighter and

more seamless throughout the future.

If you’re interested in the future growth of the Qubes + Whonix platform,

then please join in with us to actively further this goal.

For example, when ProxyVM support is added to the Qubes Debian Template,

we can take Qubes + Whonix beyond the current HVM limitation and utilize a

naitive ProxyVM + AppVM setup for Whonix.

Thank you again to everyone who helped me bring the first known successful

Qubes + Whonix configuration to the world…

Patrick, Joanna, Marek, Jason, Axon, cprise, and everyone else who has

helped! Thank you!

P.S. Qubes + Whonix 9 support is coming soon!

I don’t know if user QubesWhonix has done leak tests ( ) yet, but I guess it will be done shortly.
So if you’re interested on running Whonix on top of Qubes, now is a good time to join us testing.


I’m working on getting the source code install guide published for people to test here:

Then I will likely be getting to the leak tests.

Hi WhonixQubes I would like to thank you for making my dream into a reality,making Qubes host for Whonix is one of the best things that has happended in a long time thank you so much, ;D I would donate some money to you but im too poor for that,plus I try to donate to patrick every month,but your hard work has truly paid off,I,we can’t thank you enough,now we just need to test it for leaks,and any security problems,I would do it myself but im using a different OS which brings me to my next question,do you know how to partition Qubes with FreeBSD and OpenBSD and Pentoo,and Kali linux?If so do you mind doing a simple guide?

Hi Joshua!

You are very welcome! I feel the same way and absolutely wanted Qubes + Whonix for my own systems. At the time, on the surface, it looked possible, so I took the plunge to figure it out.

No problem. I don’t need any donations to do this work. All donations should go to feeding the primary Whonix project instead. My own self-interested desire to have and build upon Qubes + Whonix is enough to sustain me.

Yes. This is my next job to do after publishing the source code install guide. Assuming there is time before the Whonix 9 release. Otherwise, I’ll then transition the entire platform over to Qubes + Whonix 9 and start the leak tests there.

Not sure. My systems level knowledge is a bit limited compared to other experts. Also not sure what is exactly meant by partitioning Qubes. Maybe you are referring to installing these distros on a VM within Qubes? If so, then Qubes provides HVM (HardwareVM) functionality. With this type of VM you can simply install your favorite distros into HVMs that run on Qubes. Assuming that is what you are wanting to do.

Qubes HVM Instructions: Redirecting…

Nah I meant multi-booting like this Multi-booting - Wikipedia heres an image

anyway thanks for the reply,and you just incresed the security of whonix dramatically thanks for the help you have given patrick.It proves that once you set your mind to something nothing can stop you.

[quote=“Joshua, post:5, topic:453”]Nah I meant multi-booting like this Multi-booting - Wikipedia heres an image [/quote]

Ah okay. I understand you now. Unfortunately, I do not know how to multi-boot with Qubes.

The qubes-users mailing list might be a good place to ask how to do this.

Thanks Joshua! :smiley:

Looking forward to achieving even deeper seamless Qubes + Whonix integration.

As ease of use improves, and as more people learn about the powerful advantages of Qubes & Whonix, the combined Qubes + Whonix platform will likely gain a lot more demand.

I have set up dual boot with Qubes and Ubuntu. I found the best way is to install Ubuntu first, then install Qubes since qubes will add the Ubuntu installation to its grub startup list and Ubuntu does not seem to add Qubes.

There is a quick note on how to get Qubes to boot though if you did install Qubes first [url=!topic/qubes-users/pxqZ0c7-N_Q]Redirecting to Google Groups

Here is another web guide on setting up dual boot with Ubuntu/Qubes [url=][/url] (I did not try his method, I just Installed Ubuntu, left some space for Qubes, then installed Qubes)

Thanks I’ll see if I could do it it nrgaway

Does anyone have an idea if it would be possible to use Qubes + Whonix on Easy2Boot?

If you know grub, it shouldn’t really matter what you install first. Unfortunately, there is no great documentation available on the subject. I mastered it a few years ago. There are really no limitations in multi booting. Anything is possible. Just forgot it over the years.

If it is possible to use Qubes on Easy2Boot, then Whonix wouldn’t mind. It’s unrelated. Whonix runs on Qubes on a much different level. Think of Whonix as an application. So Whonix shouldn’t interfere with such things.