Running live host via Grub-live

In the Whonix wiki there is a topic entitled ‘Boot your existing, installed Debian Host into Live Mode with GRUB LIVE’. That would be a good state of affairs. You run your Whonix, but no trace of it, not even in the host, would be detectable. Problem is that running my host (Buster) live, prevents running Whonix. Start of Gateway dies with the message that there is no disk space available. When I check via Nautilus I see in effect I have only 4 Gb left. So installing the Gateway.qcow2 file does not succeed (as logged in syslog by module OM). I do have a relatively small system, a 120 Gb sdd and 8 Gb ram. I guess the 4 Gb is the Gb that are left free in ram, right?
If so, what is the point in running the host live, as it is my intention to start Whonix? Or how much ram would I need to do so: live host + Whonix (live or not live, if that even matters…)?

I only tested it with a Debian buster host, a Kicksecure host, Whonix VirtualBox and 32 GB RAM.

Might not be possible to run with 8 GB RAM indeed.


@Patrick: just for my understanding, if you run a live host and you go with Nautilus to any place and click for properties and you see how much free space is on your disk, what does it say? 32 - (approx)4 = 28 Gb?

Could you test this please? @onion_knight
After installing Whonix host operating system and grub-live package.

If not a too personal privacy intrusive a question, how much host RAM can you test this with? 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB? Does booting into live mode work and are VMs still startable? Multiple VMs?

Is there a difference Whonix-Host ISO Live vs Whonix-Host installed Live?

I can go up to 16GB.

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