[Running KVM and Virtualbox] At the same time

Hello, so I recently installed virtualbox and I would like to run KVM and Virtualbox at the same time. As I can run multiple virtual machines in KVM, I though that I could run multiple machines in KVM and Virtualbox, but when I have one started and try to init the other one, it gives me error “resource busy”.

How can I fix that?

Also, when I run virtualbox it says:
You have the Auto capture keyboard option turned on. This will cause the Virtual Machine to automatically capture the keyboard evvery time the VM windows is activated and make it unavailabel to other applications running on your host…
The Virtual Machine reports that the guest OS support mouse pointer integration. This means that you do not need to caputre the mouse pointer to be able to use it in your guest OS – all mouse actions you perform when the mouse pointer is…

Is this like a keylogger that sends to oracle my info?

Impossible. Only one hypervisor can make use of virtualization extensions at a time.

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Ok thank

I did that because I though that the virtualbox or the KVM could be infected, but I am not really sure. So lets say I run malware on a VM that I am running with KVM, could KVM be infected and so other virtual VM could be infected?

Your topic about the analytics indicates something is wrong, but it has nothing to do with the hypervisor being infected. This code is open.

Your choices are to ask Kali devs what’s happening or reinstall your system nd see if it happens again and switch host OSs if it does.

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Indeed impossible but note: not a limitation introduced by Whonix. That
isn’t possible with any Linux distribution.

Nested Virtualization, Security Considerations:

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