Running into IP assignment issue when using Windows 11 instead of Workstation

I am trying to use Windows 11 in place of Whonix Workstation. It works completely fine when I use Windows 10. However, when I try to assign IP to the ethernet connection in Windows 11, it says, “Can’t save IP settings check one or more settings and try again.”

I get the sense that in Windows 10 there is no checking to see what I entered is valid, but in Windows 11, it does check and in that quick instance receives no signal therefore it rejects what I am inputting.

Is there a way to force IP assign in Windows 11 or does anyone have any kind of solution?


For anyone else running into this problem in the future. The following youtube tutorial fixed the issue.

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Thank you. Could you please update the wiki instructions with step by step point and click instructions similar as for Windows 7?

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