running AppArmor and Firejail together

Is there any downside to running these apps together for TB? In a couple forums it was mentioned that running them together could cause them to not function properly. But those were older posts by individuals, not any kind of coding authority, so I thought I would ask. Thanks


Yeap, that was the github discussion I was referencing. It was from last year. I just was wondering if there had been a more definitive discussion on using both apps together. Thanks for linking to the more recent discussion.

What? That github discussion was from 15 days ago.

the github “netblue30/firejail/issues/2248” thread (November 2018)

I don’t think an authoritative statement can be produced here at Whonix forums either since no posters here are known to have been involved with either kernel, apparmor or firejail development.

See if in /run/firejail/lib/ apparmor issue · Issue #2947 · netblue30/firejail · GitHub
gets an authoritative statement.

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I was just wondering if there was any new information that could lead to a recommendation on whether to use Firejail and AppArmor together for the Tor Browser? Thanks