Running a program as root? (Whonix-Workstation)

So I just installed lighttp to run my own little Hidden Service on Whonix-Workstation. Now I need to place my files inside the directory… except I cant because you need root to do it.

From the command console, what can I type to temporary run File manager as root so I can place my files in?

Thank you!

Run this as user in a terminal emulator (Konsole).

[quote=“adrelanos, post:2, topic:34”]Run this as user in a terminal emulator (Konsole).

kdesudo dolphin

Thank you!

One last thing, im new to lighttpd and I cant access any files with .php on my website. My website can access .html and .txt but not .php

How can I change this?

I checked the permissions and still nothing:

I don’t know about lighttpd specifics. When it’s reachable, Whonix’s specifics are sorted out.

If you need a quick answer, I think it is best look into more general Linux or lighttpd support channels. See also:

adrelanos actually beat me by the minute. Anyways posting my response …

PHP is a server-side scripting language, i.e. you need to install it within Whonix Workstation along with lighttpd and configure it accordingly. For Ubuntu the needed steps are explained at Lighttpd+PHP - Ubuntu Wiki - shouldn’t be much different with Debian (untested here).

No you don’t. Did you ever try to host a site on some remote server, perhaps using a free hosting service? You don’t get root access there, yet you are able to upload files.