Runing virtualbox in whonix?

Lets say Im runing whoinix perfectly. Could I now download virtual box and run it inside whoinix? It would be nice tu run windows on that virtual box that is runing inside whonix in this senario. ¨

Tell me is this posibel?

Alternative, maybe:

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It seams logical that its possible to do any thing in the operating system running in a vm if that could be don on the original operating system. Given thats they are the same. So I did presumed that it would work withe whatI have on host. My question was specifically related to whonix not just any operating system running in a VM.

So I guse a more accurate way of frazing the qustion would be if its possibleto download virtualbox and run it in whonix workstation?

And that seams be exactly what the refering to in the articel?

Yes, you can download VirtualBox in Whonix Workstation.
Run VirtualBox in workstation? You can try.

Nested virtualization might work, might not. Look at the wiki pages provided for you, especially the first one.

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Why would it be posible to download it if it wount run any operating system? All that stuff seams to be built in by defould. For instance Firefox can be downloaded with comandes. Mening that some on sett it up that way.

But has no one tride this out?

To be able to run full windows withe whonix gateway (I presum thats the only result). Sould be kind of appealing.

I just wounder is it as simple as downlaoding other software? Just runing some comandes in the workstation?

Im going to start with this as sone as I get home. Just whanted to ask before.

What I realy whanted to do whas do this (but with windows):

“How to fully anomynize kali withd whonix gate way”

very god guid that can be found on youtube under that topic.

My wish to be abel to run an other operating system trough whonixate way led me to the ubscured ideer i describe in my first post. That is aparantly cald “nested virualisiation”

Even tough this is an extramly circumstantial solution it would be intresting to know if it has any aditionall benefits? for this specific purpous: runing an other operatingsystem on whonix gateway.

Sorry. I have already given you an answer.

You can download another virtualizer in any VM, you might even be able to install it. But if it’s functional is another question. A VM isn’t of the same “quality” as real hardware. There are technical limitations in “corner cases”. Running a VM inside VM - called nested virtualization - is such as limitation. Other common limitations coming to mind:

  • can’t run BIOS upgrade from inside VM
  • can’t load CPU microcode inside VM - because it’s not a real CPU
  • 3D either doesn’t work or has slow performance
  • mostly unsuitable for gaming which requires highly performant computer hardware
  • talking to some kinds of hardware directly

See link in my initial reply. Using Whonix as guest or nested guest - it is mostly unrelated to Whonix. Same for any operating system.

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