Run Whonix GW on ESXI and Whonix WS on VmWare Workstation ?

Hi !
I think the setup that i have in mind is impossible but…
I have an esxi server on my office and i want to run ONLY the whonix gw vm and run the workstation from vmware workstation on my laptop.
To do that i need to change the internal network setting and make the Whonix GW reachable form the office subnet (a class b private lan).
I need to permit multiple connection because i need to ensure access to TOR network for 3 to 5 workmate.
My idea is to give a vm for each man and execute the vm in VmWare wokstation and setup each vm to use the Whonix GW running on the esixi server.
There is a way to do that ?
I have read the documentation multiple times but i can’t find nothing useful to reach my goal.
Thanks in advance

It’s possible but requires advanced network configuration. You’ll need to learn how to do it or find someone who can as per Whonix Free Support Principle.

Some pages are hard to find. Try:

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