Run Nyx at start up

I think it would be pretty relevant if Nyx would run automatically at Whonix start up so I was thinking if there’s a way to make it execute at log on.
I tried to copy nyx shell script file into /etc/profile.d and /etc/init.d but it didn’t work.
Anyway in how to do it?

Documented just now:
Nyx Autostart

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It worked! Thank you.

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I’m replying this thread again because those steps aren’t working on VirtualBox. I tried on VMWare Workstation and it worked but by some unknown reason it doesn’t work in VirtualBox.
The .desktop file is created but when system boots it doesn’t starts Nyx.

Whatever I reinstalled Whonix and VirtualBox and it works now. :face_with_peeking_eye: