run cmd graphical user interface [ / service restart graphical user interface ]


ID: 441
PHID: PHID-TASK-mjmskr6okm3qbxfdsxi6
Author: Patrick
Status at Migration Time: open
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


The start menu entries for restart Tor, restart Whonix Firewall, and so forth are not looking good. They’re opening a terminal window.

A (python) gui would be nicer.

run-cmd-gui \
   --command "sudo service tor@default reload && sudo service tor@default status" \
   --success-message "Reloading Tor succeeded." \
   --failure message "Reloading Tor failed." \
   --failure-help "/path/to/file"
  • Different icons for success and failure (exit non-zero).
  • Have a details button to show the terminal output.
  • Have a help button if it failed which would open a help file.
  • Passive popup only if it succeeded.

It could be made a standalone package, but for simplicity, let’s add it to whonix-setup-wizard.



2015-11-28 13:57:26 UTC