Run backup in anon-whonix or whonix-gw or bit confused if this applies to User and what to do where

To create a backup of Website and Source Code of the Whonix Anonymous Operating System, please run the Whonix backup script every now and then.


Just run it if you want to support Whonix. The more people have a backup, the less likely it is that Whonix can be purged from the history books.

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which VM do I run it in?


so I ran it in anon-whonix fwiw , seems to be working ,

maybe i should have run it in a clone of anon-whonix oh well …

PS: it is spitting out a bunch of HTTPConnectionError s fwiw

Looks like this ends up with a new mounted device, that stays always mounted ?

I’m kind of wondering how many gigabytes I’ve signed up here to backup I’m on 332/17570 after 30 minutes already …sigh

can I make a new unused copy of anon-whonix?

btw, it wouldn’t be

sudo /usr/bin/whonix-dev-backup

would it ?

as /usr/bin/whonix-dev-backup
does this

W: Failed to fetch http://deb.whonix.org/dists/jessie/main/binary-amd64/Packages Something wicked happened resolving ‘deb.whonix.org:http’ (-4 - Non-recoverable failure in name resolution)

No sudo required. The script runs sudo itself.

This is a different issue that would also happening when running sudo apt-get update manually. Try again and see https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Update.

OK, after reading this , now I feel I need to start over with sys-whonix, gw and ws , as I don’t recall If I’ve ever say to allow unsigned packages or not, etc

Maybe I should go search and read if that is possible , or just a waste of time , and I’m likely OK

[https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/whonix/install/] <- guess that would do it

I noticed when it finally finishes , and I re-run it takes forever again, I’m guessing this is normal, but also guessing it is not necessary, SO, can you suggest how often to re-run the whole hours long “backup” ?

once / week ?

so far it seems to be 1.3 GB in size ?

I guess running the backup in anon-whonix was the answer , …sigh

Of course. whonix-ws is only for updates and software installation. Not for running applications such as Tor Browser or whonix-dev-backup.

That’s up to you.

Since you can use multiple VMs, I suggest a dedicated one. Then it shouldn’t really matter how long it takes.

yes, well it finishes, and then if I run it again, it goes for hours, so i’m curious is it overwriting what’s already there? I just looking for a best practice ?

and an approximate size , etc, I think that is reasonable :slight_smile:

last two days, I am seeing this:

Retrying 7 requests that failed last time…
Retrying 7 requests that failed last time…
Updating github_adrelanos_anon-apt-sources-list.wiki
fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /c/nw/ca/82/01/103055609/21161769.wiki.git
error: Could not fetch github_adrelanos_anon-apt-sources-list.wiki
Retrying 7 requests that failed last time…
Updating github_adrelanos_anon-base-files.wiki
fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /6/nw/6f/fe/89/103055671/21161752.wiki.git
error: Could not fetch github_adrelanos_anon-base-files.wiki
New fork: git://github.com/Whonix/anon-base-files.git
Updating github_Whonix_anon-base-files

It’s not a problem, apart from bad usability and apart form lack of time to explain/document which error is good and which isn’t and how to check integrity of the backup. Perhaps not such a great idea by me to ask non-git, non-developers to do that backup.

yes, perhaps, I should just assume it will eventually fix itself, and I’ll just run it less often, if it’s designed to fix itself.

pardon if I may be verbose



This could use some documentation. Perhaps under https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Contribute?

Sorry, had this bookmarked but kept overlooking for some reason. I’ll get it done.

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Edit: Just realized, at the bottom of the Contribute page. (Not sure which one should be kept?)

Backup Whonix

Run WhonixBackupScript to create a backup of the Whonix website and source code.

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