Run a application through proxychains

I installed remmina like remote desktop client and modify proxychains.conf with my socks and port. If run command “proxychains remmina” does the remote server, that I have setup in it, “detect” or “log” my socks?


If your traffic flow is:
user -> tor -> socks5 -> remote server
then it’s obvious that your remote server can “see” your socks5 server.

Whether it logs anything or not is up to the remote server.

Yes, my traffic flow is
user–tor–socks5–remote server

Then did any remote server opened with remmina through proxychain see socks5?

Is there a method to verify it?



There is no usable method to be certain that socksifiers work as expected. If there was, there would be much less need for Whonix to begin with.

Connecting to Tor before a Proxy

Last question
If I run a command, in this case “proxychains remmina”, opens the gui interface and do all the remote servers that open from here will see the socks?
(Sorry for this question but it is the first time that use a proxy software)


My previous posting answers exactly this.